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Thursday 15 May 2008
by  Philippe "Frogleap" LABEL

Motorizing switch point with a Technic Power Functions motor

With a little trick you can operate a remote switch point.

Sunday 7 January 2007
by  Erik "brickerik" Amzallag

End of line : Buffer stops

Both functional and decorative elements for train layouts, buffer stops prevent your trains from leaving the tracks. This is a short review of brick-built models.

Monday 23 January 2006
by  Didier MALON

Feedback about the International Model Exhibition in Paris

During the 23rd and 24th of April of year 2005, we were few FreeLUG members to take part for the first time to this big Internation Model Exhibition in Paris, called the "Mondial de Maquette et du Modèle réduit". Our first visit at this show, where almost 35 000 visitors attended, had a major (...)
Saturday 13 August 2005
by  Didier ENJARY

LEGO® trains and decorative purpose design : the lettering

This article is part II of the discussion on LEGO trains decorating techniques [1]. Introduction You may need to put some brand or name (short text) on the sides of your rolling stocks, coaches or engines. Let’s study some of the various ways to perform (...)
Monday 8 December 2003
by  Didier ENJARY, Philippe "Frogleap" LABEL

Motorizing 9V switch points

A review on how to motorize your 9V switch points with four different types of power unit.